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for those who are afraid of spoilers i created a little program:

the program simply displays an on-top form with a black color. in the form itself is a small little fully transparent window which can be moved and resized, just move your mouse cursor close to the border of the transparent window and the cursor will change its shape so that you can modify it.

the right mouse button shows a context menu with which you can toggle the border of the window between none and sizable.

the settings are saved for future usage when you close the app.

you can download it from here:


there's one drawback: overlay only works if you have yuv acceleration enabled in vrd. otherwise the window starts flickering which is a common problem that arises when you use free layout forms in windows which my app has because of the little transparent window in the window ;)

as usual: use at your own risk

have fun!


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for the interested ones: i've rewritten the program from scratch. you can now add as many "windows" as you like, resize them and reposition them. with doubleclick on the main form you can toggle edit (opaque) mode and transparency mode.

note: as usual usage of the program is at you own risk ;)

here's a link:


here's a screenshot of the edit mode:

and here's the file info:


Name: Spoiler Avoidance, Version 1.0

Purpose: mask certain areas of a window

Two modes are available: edit and view mode

edit mode:

add panels, move and resize them

view mode:

all panels become a transparent window
main form's border and caption are hidden


* right mouse button context menu on main form:

add panel at upper left default position

* right mouse button context menu on panel:

delete current panel

* left click on panel

allow dragging and resizing

* doubleclick on main form

toggle edit and view mode

Known Issues

sometimes the underlying area, where the form's border was
displayed in edit mode, isn't redrawn

simply refresh the underlying window



black areas flicker


program currently only works if YUV Acceleration is enabled


Jim Korovessis:
article with source: Simple Runtime Control Sizing and Dragging url: Classhttp://www.codeproject.com/cs/miscctrl/CSPickBoxSample1.asp
here's a complex template in edit mode:

and in view mode:

have fun!
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new version available which solves the screen refresh issue:




* solved problem where underlying area of caption bar and border frame wasn't always redrawn when user switched between edit and view mode
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