Sound and audio - not syncron

Have an 3840 mp4 file.
I select output Mkv, Goto profile options > encoding type "Match source"
In "Video" I see max resolution 1920 in grey.
After processing, the output is res "1920" - what is really not "match source"
But worse, the sound is no longer lip - conform.

My proposal is to upload source and final video.
Or do you want the Log file? Then I will repeat the coding


Staff member
Just send us the log file. You should now be able to upload the log file directly from our Help menu.


Staff member
We fixed that yesterday after another user reported exactly the same issue. Due to the holiday this weekend, there will be limited support so we won't be posting a new beta until Monday/Tuesday. If you want to try the fix, email me and I'll send you a preliminary build.