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When I checked the "Programs and Features" under the Control Panel, it showed I had 4 versions of VideoReDo installed. I always install to the same folder over the top of the previous version. I have great faith in your betas!
I had 611 installed and wanted to install the latest 612, so I did the following:
Saved "DRD Systems" registry entries,
Uninstalled x.x.x.594
Uninstalled x.x.x.600
Left x.x.x.611 installed.
This removed all the DRD Systems entries from the Registry.
Installed x.x.x.612, ran it, just got defaults, no entries were created in the Registry. "Programs and Features" showed only x.x.x.612 installed, no sign of x.x.x.611.
Restored "DRD Systems" registry entries, everything now fine, all my saved values ok.

Now what I want to know is, will further installs clean up "Programs and Features" like the install of 612 or will I have to go through the same deinstall process next time?

Also I would like to know what happened to the registry entries, are the only created when a file has been processed and saved?
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The initial set of registry keys used to be created by the installer but starting about 6-12 months ago, we switched to creating the registry keys in the configuration wizard. The installer runs as the administrator so it was not always creating the registry keys in the proper hive on W7 when the user was installing as a limited user.

Even after the install wizard, most registry keys have their default value and are not written to the registry. Only after you edit a page on Tools>Options is that page updated in the registry.

Regarding the multiple entries in Programs and Features. That's not something that we manage directly. Its handled for us by the installer. However, when you do run the uninstaller it will, as you correctly realized, remove the registry entries (i.e. settings) regardless of which beta build you're uninstalling.

If any one is interested, there's a new undocumented, and somewhat untested feature in 611+ which will let you change the location of the registry entries. The benefit of this is that you can keep two installs on the same system each with a different set of options. If anyone is interested let me know and I'll post a quick "how-to".


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Thanks for that Dan. If you would like the mutiple registry entries tested out, let me know. Been using the registry in various languages since NT.


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If you want to change the location of the registry entries for a particular installation of TVS H.264, create a file: VRD_REGISTRY.ini in the TVSuite installation folder. In that file, there can be two lines (in no particular order):

application=<Application name>
organization=<organization name>

Defaults for TVS H.264 are:

organization=DRD Systems

If an entry is omitted (e.g. leave out the application=), it will pick up the default value.

So, this will let you create multiple installation folders, each with their own options, log file location, etc. However, the batch / COM settings will default to either the last version run (or installed) depending upon your OS version and UAC setting.


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Tested out ok.
Changed both application and organization. Now running with default organization and application set to "VideoReDo-TVSuite4 Version 612".
This is great, now I can keep a copy of the registry settings under the correct hive.
What I have not yet tested out is when I go up to version 613!
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