SOLUTION: Using Effects Rack to enhance Audio in Video Re-do


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The discussion here concerning using Winamp plug ins really fascinated me.
You can check it out here:

After doing some research I have found a fantastic solution to my desire to have the capability to use my arsenal of audio mastering DirectX and VST audio effects.

FFX-16 is a virtual DirectX wrapper and Rack for Winamp and consequently serves as a hosting enviroment for Video Re-Do so you only have to load the Rack DLL and then you are able to load multiple effects in the rack for use during editing with Video Re-Do.

At the bottom of the page you can see FFX-4.
This is totally free but it only gives you 4 slots in the rack instead of 16 that is the only limitation.

I first experimented with adding a Noise Reduction plug in from Cakewalk then added a maximizer from SONY Vegas 7. I then went for it and added Ozone3 which is a very powerful mastering effect.
Video Re-do performed without a hitch.

This is really what I have been wanting in Video Re-Do and it takes the whole suite to another level.


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wow, thanks for posting that link! Not something it would've occurred to me to look for -- didn't know VRD could use plugins at all, and wouldn't have thought to look for a VST/DX to winamp wrapper.

Four plugs is fine -- noise reduction, EQ, compressor, and a slot left over. Yeah, that really does expand the capability of VRD. thank you!
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