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I have finally had a break and had a chance to install the beta. First impressions were editing H.264 programs with many commercial cuts, the audio sync seems to hold up better towards the end of the video. With older versions, there were sometimes audio sync errors after a bunch of cuts in H.264, using the Smart encoder. Now it seems that under the same circumstances the audio sync might be more solid, or at least I haven't seen it drift out of sync yet.


I've found the audio sync also is better toward the end of 100+ HD camcorder files joined together on this version.
Also, my video camcorder creates a separate .MTS file each time I turn on the camcorder. On a recent trip to New Zealand, there were 118 .MTS files created. If I tried to join all 118 files using Version 4, it would crash, so I would join the first 40 and create a .TS file, then join the next 40 and create a .TS file etc. I would then join the 3 .TS files together.
Version 5 was able to join all 118 files.
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Appreciate the heavy testing, let me know if you run into issues.
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