small VRP .mpg grows via Ulead software


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I have a (approximately a 4gb) .tivo file (after cutting out all the ads) that is not authoring correctly. I saved the file as a mpg. THE FILE IS DVD COMPLIANT, size is around 4gb.

When using either Ulead VideoStudio 10, or MovieFactory 4, WITHOUT a menu, and “Do not convert compliant MPEG files" IS checked.

Instead of burning/wasting CD’s I’ve decided to start burning to ISO’s when possible. When burning from either VideoStudio 10, or MovieFactory 4, both take quite a long time – “Remuxing”.... In both cases, I end up with a multi-part ISO that Is about 5.3gb, which is probably the result of remuxing/reenconding. Of course, I can’t burn this to a single layer DVD. I’m also curing how one can tell if ulead is actually REENCODING or just converting the file to a ‘vob’ file structure.

Tonight, I am going to use VRP and Save as a VOB, which some DVD authoring programs won’t recognize, but I believe Nero, or Nero Express will. I’ll attempt burning with whichever programs will recognize it.



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Ulead announces on the last page it will take a while if it is going to reencode. You can click cancel.

What are the properties of the Tivo file? Ctrl+L

Also make sure "normalize audio" is NOT checked in Ulead.


Well, here are two benchmark times for converting 4gb sort-of (but not really) DVD compliant source to a set of ready-to-burn files:

On a 2 ghz AMD Barton cpu , with 1gb and dual SATA drives: 20 minutes
On a dual 2 ghz AMD Opteron, with 2gb and dual SATA drives: 10 minutes

I use DVD Labs for the above authoring.
It won't re-encode , or otherwise waste time.
You can get an evaluation sample to run, but learning to get it going may seem quite an uphill battle.
They do have on-line help files (with everything you need to know) and a support forum for advanced questions.

As I recall, making a DVD from 4gb of source files should not turn into a 5.3gb output set of files. (more like 4.2 or 4.3gb)
So, if your times are much longer than mine, and your files are this large, it sounds like something is going on.

One last thought...
The audio file format can be changed to make a difference in DVD size.
I won't go into any detail, but leave the thought , should you be looking for another hint later on.
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Pat (and others):


As Pat may remember, I have ulead MF 4, Sonic/Roxio Easy Media Creator 8, Nero Ultra Edition v7, and now Video Studio 10.

The attributes of the file are:

Video Stream
Dimension: 720 x 480
Display Size: 720 x 480
Frame Rate: 29.97 FPS
VBV Buffer: 224KB
Progressive: Prog or Int
Encoding: MPEG 2
Stream ID: xE0
Aspect Ratio: 4/3
Bit Rate: 9,200 Mbps
Profile: Main/Main
Chroma: 4:2.0

Audio Stream
Stream ID: AC3: 0 (x80)
Bit Rate: 256Kbps
Channels: 2.0
Sampling Rate: 48000 Hz

Keeps sounding like I need DVD Labs, but $200, ouch.



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From what I remember you also had the SE version of DMF 4.

Which version of VS10 do you have? standard, Plus, or also an SE version?

Load one of the authored VOBs into VideoReDo to list the properties also. You may have different audio.

Also, was "normalize audio" checked?

You mention the file is around 4GB. How much around is it?


1). PHD has always been able to get people up and running with Ulead, so that's on your side.
2). there is a discussion of other authoring programs below, in this forum.
3). one program that is mentioned is free, so you might take a look. ( GUI_for_dvdauthor)
4). you can probably get by with the $100 version of DVD Labs.
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