Small bug related to non compliant DVD


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I found a small bug related to non compliant DVD settings when mastering a DVD from a mpeg2 file. The source file comes from a DVB-T recording, and among some characteristics, the GOP size is > 15. When I try to create a DVD from it, I keep the box "Accept non-compliant DVD settings" checked, but the Maximum GOP line appears still with a yellow dot. If I uncheck the box then recheck it, then the current GOP is accepted and the DVD mastering proceeds just fine, if not, it takes much more time to shorten the GOP.

With VRD TVS3 I had no such problem.

The fact that unchecking the box then rechecking it solves the maximum GOP warning makes me think it might be a bug. As if the fact that the box was checked was ignored when the mastering parameters window opens first.
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