Setting Chapter Marks when Joining Files


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After a few years away from video editing, I've been asked to compile a DVD of some clips from assorted home movies. The clips will all fit on 2 DVDs; however, there are more than 24 clips and so I intend to merge a few together and use Chapter Marks on the final DVD for easy navigation.

The problem I have is this: I have 76 individual files to join into 20 titles. Is there an option within VideoReDo which I can use to automatically place a Chapter Mark or Scene Marker at the join points or do I have to go through each newly joined file and manually place the Scene Markers myself? I seem to remember from when I first used VideoReDo a few years ago that there was a way of doing this, but the grey cells fail me and I can't remember.

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There is no option to automatically add chapters at join points, so you'll have to do it manually sorry.
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