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Sequential Beta Install vs. Latest Only?

Logging into the forum here recently for the first time, I took note there are a number of betas here being released (i.e., 414, 415, 416). In Microsoft SP fashion, is it such that if the latest beta version (416) is installed, the previous beta version are incorporated into that install and do not need to be separately and sequentially installed? Thank you.
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Yes. If you install the latest beta, it will have all cumulative changes to that point.

However, these are betas and while generally stable they are for testing purposes, so please check your output before deleting your source files.
By "check your output" do you mean "watch the entire video" or do you mean "skip through the video to make sure it looks generally intact"?

Sometimes I cut commercials out before watching the show but often times I do it afterward so I'm unlikely to watch the entire thing again.
My wife and I have found this TV season, since getting VRD+, that we don't want to watch shows w/commercials intact anymore. To watch w/deletions improves the whole experience, not just to get rid of the commercials but also all the "SHOUTING" ie. commercial breaks drop-out of DD5.1 and the sound level goes sky-high. Also of course, instead of spending an hour in front of the TV the shows are only 44 minutes. So what we do now routinely:

1. Record the shows w/minutes fore-and-aft to assure getting everything
2. I expunge all garbage using VRD
3. We watch together in the home theater a day or two later
4. I delete the original unedited file, but keep the edited version of course
5. I may later down-convert the HD files to SD for other purposes

Note that editing a show typically takes less than the 20 minutes you gain by reducing it from an hour to 44 min.

Anyway the easy solution to the problem is to resist the temptation to watch before editing...