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Secret function that is not wanted

I have recently come across something that I can't figure out. First, I am right handed and have been losing function in my right arm due to a rotator cuff injury from years ago. As a result I will accidentally sometimes depress both buttons on my mouse. This, in turn, causes the program to start advancing in increments of 2-3 minutes and there is no way to stop it short of rebooting the program. Anyone seen the behavior before? This has happened in various versions of V5, and I do use the latest. Any thoughts?


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All buttons and keyboard command are sent to VideoReDo as messages. The only reason something would repeat like that is if something in Windows got confused and continually sent the message associated with the key or button linked to jump. There are no loops in our code. The commands are single fire and only get called repeatedly when sent multiple messages from Windows.

Do you have any system wide mouse/keyboard shortcut programs that might be getting triggered? Or perhaps some Windows accessibility setting?
Thanks for your reply. As to mouse or keyboard shortcut programs I haven't a clue, ditto for Windows. Since VRD was the only program in which this happened I decided to query you first. I think, in the end run I have to change the mouse to a left handed configuration and get used to it. BTW, the problem doesn't happen all the time, just occasionally.
Again, thank you.


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Actually I just tried this and you're right. I can reproduce this bug. Not exactly sure how to trigger it consistently, but sometimes when you click both buttons while hovering over the middle skip forward button it will go into some weird loop. I'll have to look at it in debug and see what's going on.