Scene detection


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Hi. The Ad detection works well for TV shows, but usually I am not working with TV shows. However, many of my files have *scenes* I would like to delete (for example home video with boring stupid scenes or whatever). Yes, I can do it manually but it is seriously tedious especially if there are a lot of cuts and scenes.

I was wondering if you could add a "scene detection" feature that works just like Ad Detective, except instead of looking for black frames it would look for percentage of pixels changed from frame to frame. I imagine most frames keep most of the pixels and only things that move change pixels. But if 100% (>90% ?) of the pixels change from one frame to another, it is a scene change and could be noticed. Seems like you could copy most of the code from Ad Detective and just change it form looking for black frames to looking at the difference between the last frame and the current one. Is this possible?

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