Save Selections as separate files?


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In scene mode can all the "Add Selection" be saved quickly as individual files ?
Would save me a ton of time.


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To save your file as separate segments, try Batch Manager.

Click on the menu: Tools>Start Batch Manger and specify your destination directory. Click "Done" to return to the main editing screen.

It is easier to use scene mode in this case.

Select "Scene Mode" and "Queue To Batch Clears Cut List" in Tools>Options>General Parameters)

Select each segment individually and add it to the Batch with Ctrl+B

Select your next segment and add to Batch with Ctrl+B

Continue until you have selected all of your segments then click Tools>Start Batch Manger and press the "Save and Execute" button. Your files will be saved as individual segments.


This is great to know, and goes along with a question I've always had. Is there or will there ever be a way to re-arrange scene selections to something other than chronological order to then save in the same new video?



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Here is a procedure to rearrange segments of your video:

You may find this process easier in Scene Mode where you only select the segment you wish to output. Tools>Options>General Parameters and select "Scene Mode" for Editing Mode.

Mark the first segment of your main video you would like for the output video. This segment will be green with the rest of the timeline red. Add to the Joiner. Joiner>Add Current Project to Joiner List

Clear the cutlist and select the next segment of the file you wish to add. This new segment will be green with the rest of the timeline red. Add to the Joiner. Joiner>Add Current Project to Joiner List

Continue to mark segments of the timeline and add to the Joiner. Clear the cut list each time and continue adding the next sequential segment.

When you have finished adding segments, Click on the menu Joiner>Edit Joiner List

You can highlight each of the segments and use the up and down buttons to rearrange the segments as desired.

To output your file click the "Create video from joiner list" button in the Joiner.


Thanks Pat, that's cool to know. I didn't realize I could put files with selected segments in the Joiner List.

I ran into a problem with it, however. I was in the process of adding a number segments to the Joiner List from several different files, when I had an AppHang while dragging an addtional file into the editor. I had to close VRD and the whole Joiner List was lost. Is there any way to save the Joiner List contents along with a Save Project or something?


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Yes there is a save feature in the joiner list (menu at the top of joiner dialog) so you can save it. It should also auto save and offer to reopen after a crash, but that can be unpredictable and depends on how it crashes.


Fantastic! After all these years using the Joiner, I should have known these things.
Thanks for telling me kindly, LOL.
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