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I’ve used the Save with split scenes and it is really useful.

My first use was to isolate which scene in a file edited to remove adverts had an error when the full file was run through.

However, I have also used it to split one file containing 8 different programmes into 8 files. In this case I sent it to the queue. I noted that there was only one entry in the Batch Manager Queued and Completed panes but I did get 8 outputs. However, the Duration and the Output FPS fields were blank and the Information button responded with “No info to display”.

I assume that even if one of the outputs had contained an error I wouldn’t get a green Success status. However, I wouldn’t be able to review the report and see which output file was at fault.

Perhaps a flag to denote multiple outputs could be displayed as well as a fix so that the information button showed an output.


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Yeah the split scene is sort of a "trick" so the batch manager doesn't know about it. It's essentially just restarting the output every time it starts a new scene and increments the file name by 1.

I might be able to add a similar "trick" to the queue function that'll split the file into multiple batch projects, but it's a bit trickier than it sounds. I'll add it to my list and see if I can get to it when I have time.


Thanks for that. In practice I can manage without this option as I’m splitting the scenes in real time with no recoding so I can quickly see any potential problems and then recoding the individual output files from H264 to H265 via the Batch Manager screen. Two steps I know but acceptable.
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