Riddle me this (lipsync HDMI vs. Remote Desktop)

For years I have used VideoRedo 5 and 6 to cut recorded excess at each end of PvrExplorer videos and convert them from ts H264 to MP4 H264 - no recode. Those videos would be played on my HTPC over HDMI and always have lipsync problems played with Windows 10 Movies and TV app. The same videos played thru VLC didn't have lipsync problems BUT would play sort of jerky. At some point the VLC problem disappeared. Only mentioning that in case it is some clue.

Yesterday, I was using Remote Desktop to the HTPC and opened one of the videos with Movies and TV. There was NO lipsync problem!?! I confirmed with several videos. If played on the HTPC and watching on the flatscreen TV over HDMI, lipsync problems. Same scenario but watched via remote desktop, no lipsync problem. Probably not relevant, but the same videos played on the PC that I was Remote Desktop'ing from have the lipsync problems

How is that possible? How can Remote Desktop somehow fix video playback lipsync problems?
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