Retaining Metadata during conversion


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I have TVSuite V6 (6062.4.827)

I'm using MS Photos to Create Slideshows (.mp4) containing Picture & Video to show on my Samsung TV (Q95)

I lot of my input comes from iPhone & iPad therefore the video is .MOV.

MS Photos Slideshow creation hangs when I try to use a .MOV, so I'm converting them to .MP4.

I've tried two conversion options so far:-
VideoRedo TVSuite - fast and convenient but I loose the metadata eg TimeTaken, GPS, Title etc
MS Photo - slow (I have to trim 1 sec from the video and one at a time), but it retains the metadata

Is there a VideoRedo TvSuite conversion option that will keep the Metadata ?

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Unfortunately metadata in MP4 is not standardized so there isn’t really a way for us to retain it.


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Hi Dan, Thanks for the reply .

I appreciate that there is not a 1-2-1 match for all Metadata but the show stopper for me is loosing Timetaken and GPS.
The other Tags like Title, Subject, Tags, Authors etc I can easily update into the .MP4 after conversion.
It would be nice if you could set the MP4 CreateDate equal to the .MOV CreationDate (with TimeZone offset)
eg 2019:09:11 11:50:35+03:00


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We might consider copying some of the more common metadata fields over in a future version, but it's not currently on our priority list.
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