rendering 1080p @ 120fps

Hi guys, is there any way that i can cut scenes from a video that will be shot in 1080p @ 120fps, and render it at 120fps so the footage plays back at normal speed, or would i be wasting my time, given the human eye can only read video clearly at around 60fps ?


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We don't currently support 120fps. I've only seen the higher frame rates used for slow motion stuff. So they record at like 1,000fps but play back at 60fps so it's in super slow motion.
Thx Dan, many cameras can now shoot 1080p and 4k at 120fps up to around 960fps but it is there for the purpose of rendering it at 24p/25p/and 30p for slow motion.

I read somewhere that there is no point in shooting at more than 60fps because our eyes can only see motion pictures at that rate, and any higher frame rate played at normal speed would not look any better than 60fps anyway.