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I've been using TVSuite 5 on my Windows 7 PC for years, I've finally been pushed to upgrade it to Windows 10. I've completely reinstalled the OS and upgraded the Video card, but the rest of the system is the same. When I try to register my copy it says "Key Cannot be registered". I thought maybe because my key was for V4 but I had an upgrade to V5 so I chose the Upgrade from Earlier Version, and I get 'Error! Unable to Validate a Prior version VideoReDo Registration Key,

is there anything else I need to do?
FYI - I thought if I installed V4 registered, then registered V5 it would work. V4 installed and registered ok, but V5 now gives me a 404 error. If I use the manual process, I receive an "Invalid Upgrade Token" message. I'm guessing that has something to do with V6.

Thank, any assistance is appreciated.


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You don't need v4 or to go through the upgrade. When you did the upgrade originally you should have received an email with the v5 key. If you don't have that you can request it again using this page...

Once you have that you can just enter the key directly into v5 to unlock.
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