Reduce CPU Priority for Batch Saving


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I found this old thread regarding lowering the priority when saving files in batch mode:

I'm using b624 and have Reduce Priority While Saving checked but when looking at each of the VideoRedo.exe threads using Process Explorer, they're mostly at 8. If I set the VideoRedo.exe process to priority Idle:4 then the threads change to 4.

Did that code not make it into v4?


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From looking at the code, the priority of the saving thread can be set to THREAD_PRIORITY_BELOW_NORMAL by using the checkbox on the Tools>Options>Enhance page.

However, this may no longer be as applicable as it once was. Back in the VRD Plus days, the output was single threaded, however in TVS4 it's highly multi-threaded so just setting it at main output thread doesn't affect the rest of the threads. This is something that can use some work.


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Ah, multiple threads. Yes, I see that. I can see where that would be an issue.

One of these days I'll retire my very old P4 PC and wouldn't have to worry about it.
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