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I am doing a lot of "raw" european DVB-T post-processing. I have noticed that on several occasions, while "saving as" the input file, after the editing selection done, VideoRedo just crashes in the process. Quickfixing the file before editing doesn't change generally the issue.

Most of the time, VideoReDo 1 will accept editing the raw file up to the end, so I am using this as a workaround. Since there is no error message, just a windows asking me if I want to report or not the problem, I cannot tell you much more.

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We have heard of this intermittent problem being reported from time to time with VideoReDo/Plus, but so far have not been able to track it down.

First off, which version are you running?
Does it repeat on the same file each time?
Can you repeat it by QSFing?
Can you repeat it using a small (<100MB, <500MB) uploadable file?

If anyone can repeat this with an uploadable or file you can send us on a CD/DVD, it would be very much appreciated.


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I am running V1.7.302 and V2.1.0.375. When a crash occurs with V2 it also usually happens with V1, not always.

It does repeat with the same file and apparently at the same position within the file, but again, not always.

If QSF the file and use V1.7 then usually it doesn't crash any longer.

I have observed this only on big files (1GB min). I can burn a DVD next time it happens.

I have noticed this may happen when I am using another application MPEG2 related, such as a DVD mastering (ULead) or my DVB-T capture (Twinhan).


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I already have such a file. I propose to wait a little to add one or two more files to fill up a DVD.

Just give me your physical mail address (you should be able to access my e-mail).
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