Record OTA HD tv WITHOUT compression?


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Seems like every device I've looked at to record "Over The Air" tv signals
compresses it before recording it. (mp4)

I don't know the OTA HD video format. (?) Maybe it is an HD OTA .mp4 format.

EDIT... Just read something that stated OTA is MPEG2. So I want to record the
MPEG2 OTA tv channels directly to my hard drives.

There is mention of the $20 devices getting hot. So does not seem like simple
pass through to the hard drive.

I don't know what to search for that will record the whole HD OTA tv signal
to a hard drive clean and untouched.
Maybe that will be PRO equipment that will be way too expensive, don't know.

From what I've read so far, max bitrate for OTA is 19mbps. So 2.3MBps.
Don't know why there would be a problem with just passing the HD OTA signal
straight to the hard drive.

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