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We'd like your feedback.

I'd like to compile a list of the various receivers out there and their compatibility with VideoReDo for newbies and trial users.

The basic questions are as follows. Please indicate SD and HD files

Does not load into VideoReDo. (Files are H.264, et. al.)
You can edit with VideoReDo.
You can edit with VideoReDo and playback on the receiver.


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Topfield TF5800 AOK, AFAIK

Have made many DVDs from my 'Toppy's' .rec files (SD capable only) via VRD TV Suite.

You can either use the Altair utility to get the files from the PVR, or use the special Topfield FTP Transfer facility to transfer directly to another (distant) PC - this is what I do with my laptop attached to the PVR and VRD installed on my desktop.

Editing commercials etc has gone without a hitch, and the mpeg files are playable on the PC just fine.

Likewise, any DVDs created work on both of my DVD players; one a cheap Chinese generic multi-region job, and the other a Panasonic BD-35 Blu-Ray.

My father in law reports no problems from his Humax 9200T either, except that both this and the Topfield suffer from painfully slow USB 1.0 ports!

I haven't tried putting editted .rec files back onto the Topfield, as the machine offers a certain amount of editing facilities within itself, although not 'frame accurate'.

Hope his helps.:)
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My STB/ receiver is Maximum C-8000 CX-CI (cable), which is the same as ELANVISION EV-8000S in Germany. Manufacturer is Marusys. The device is connected to Etherhet allowing recordings to copied to PC and to make recordings to network hard drive. No HD support, only SD.

- Recordings from certain channels I have to run through quickstream fix (aspect ratio changes)
- All recordings can be edited and burned to DVD without problems.
- Edited TS files cannot be played back perfectly with Maximum *)
- Waiting for subtitle support (beta versions recognize subtitles)

*) VRD is able to make Topfield TS files, which can be converted with another tool to Maximum TS files. However, I have had problems here.
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Humax iHDR5050c

SD recordings (TS files) are perfectly handled by VRD. Can convert to any other SD format and create DVD's.
HD recordings (H.264) can not (yet..) be opened and handled by VRD.
The Humax will not play ts-files created with VRD. This Humax is PVR only and not a media player and needs additional index files to play.


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My PVR is a Beonwiz DP-P2
It produces HD and SD files from free to air TV which have a TS extension.
I believe these are MPEG2 format.

I record cable programs (FOXTEL) coming in on the A/V Input. These are also TS files but I believe they are MPEG4.

The MPEG2 TS files are able to be read into VRD TV Suite and edited.
The MPEG4 TS files are not.


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1. Kathrein UFS 922 receiver with hd and sd .ts files.
2. Dreambox 7025+ receiver with sd .ts files.
The sd .ts files can be used with videoredo atm.


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Topfield TRF 7150

This Topfield TRF 7150 is an Australian only "Freeview" compliant machine. The .rec files will not open in VideoReDo or any other program that I can find that supports Topfield .rec files Also rec files generated by a number of pc programs that I have will not run on the pvr.
I am guessing some form of copy protection because of the "Freeview" spec. But I'm only guessing. Very disappointing, the machine will only recognise .rec files that it generates itself or plain garden variety mp3 audio files. Anyhow, it is a new model so maybe things will change.


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Hauppauge PVR-150

I have used the Hauppauge PVR-150 with great success. Unfortunately it is no longer available (except used from E-Bay, etc.)
I'd like another card for another computer. Does anyone have any experience with SABRENT?
Does it work or not with VRD?


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Also by Hauppauge are the 1600, 1800 and 2250 which can record analog or digital.
I have used the Hauppauge PVR-150 with great success. Unfortunately it is no longer available (except used from E-Bay, etc.)
I'd like another card for another computer.

Steve Thackery

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Humax 9200 Freeview, Humax Foxsat HD-R both OK

It's a right faff getting the .ts files out of the 9200T, but once in VRDTVS it all works perfectly.

Foxsat HD-R .ts files also work fine, although I'm running V3 so haven't tried HD .ts files yet.



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Kathrein UFS-822

Hi phd,
nice idea:), did you compile this info already anywhere?
Here my input:
I have a Kathrein UFS-822 (SD only), manufacturer is probably Marusys. The ".ts" files can be edited with VRD, but some information of the stream is stripped off:
* VideoText stream is included in the .ts file, after processing it with VRD it is lost. I - and other users as well - will be happy, if the VideoText stream is unchanged in VRD processed videos. This is the only information included in the stream on date/time/broadcast when this video was taken, including the information of the recorded video.
* tvtv information is also included in the .ts file and stripped off after VRD processing. Same here, it would be nice if this also would be unchanged.

I havn´t checked yet if VRD processed files could be played back by the receiver.


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Reciever Compatability

Using Hauppage 2250 (internal), Hauppage 980 (usb stick), Pinnacle 800e (usb stick).
Removed Hauppage 1600 (internal) when I upgraded video card.

All tuners are on Win 7 HP x64, using BeyondTV and creating mpeg(analog) and TS(digital) files


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I use a Grundig GUDB20USB3 Digital TV Recorder (which records SD MPEG-2 files) with VRD Suite v4.

Files have an mpg extension and load into VRD easily (recorder records to USB devices - have only tried memory sticks so far - manual says HDDs must use FAT 32 and be independently powered).

Files can be edited but must be saved first with a ts extension Transport Stream format, then the extension renamed to mpg if you want to play the edited file back on the Grundig.

Edited files prepared as above will play OK on the Grundig but the date of recording appears as 01/01/2000, time as 00:00 and duration as 0. TV programme details stored in the original file (description of the programme) are also lost.

It should be easy not to lose at least the programme details as they are held as text near the beginning of the file. Consider that a feature request. :)

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