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Reboot on VRD exit

I have only seen this one time, but though I would report it in case it happens to others. I had selected some scenes in a file and was using the Preview mode. I had been jumping around the scene markers using the scene-arrow buttons on the interface. At some times I was in Play mode while jumping around and in some cases I was not (I was switching back and forth at time between Play and Pause modes while jumping around among the scene markers.) When I hit the "X" in the upper right of VRD to exit the program, my computer rebooted. No blue screen or anything, just a reboot as if I had hit the reset button. I have not had a change to check the System Event Log or anything else to see if there are any clues.

This in using VRD 430 on XP SP2.

If your PC reboots when using video/audio program like VRD, it usually indicates a graphics or sound driver problem - albeit a problem that the user level application is sometimes triggering.

If you manage to make it happen again, you may find that changing some of the VRD settings related to sound and video (eg the audio device that is used, or whether or not YUV accelleration is used) fix the issue on your PC.

You might also want to check and see if their are driver updates available for your hardware, as that may address the issue.