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First off, I had finished my trial copy of VideoReDo months ago and only recently purchased VideoRedo TVSuite, and what I've done with it tonight (first use) I'm completely awed. I originally bought TVS (v.549) to convert my DVR programs into TV Discs (sans commercial breaks).

It was four years ago to the date that I did this project and I'm recreating now.

I took the 3 DVDs of "Back To The Future" and created a one DVD(DL) of the movie as one loooooong movie.

I did the best I could then to do the splicing. Between part II and part III, the splice was perfect, you never knew when the next movie started. I was never happy with the splice between I and II though, it had a skip in it that always annoyed me.

TVS changed all that! Here's what I did.

I first used DVD Shrink to extract just the main movie VOBs from each DVD to their own folders.

Then used TVS to join those VOBs into a single .TS file. Why .TS? I don't know I just picked a format. Those took about 8-10 min each. Much faster than another tool I used to convert VOBs into a single MPG which actually crashed and never finished after 20 min.

Then I took each of those .TS files joined them into a single 15GB .TS file. This took about 20 min.

Since TVS has a better per frame editor, I was able to do a better job for the splicing between I and II and since it's all one file now, I couldn't use the same time/framecode as before between II and III so I picked a different point. Using the preview mode let me know that the splice is perfect between each movie. You can't tell when the next movie starts! (Except for when the credits appear ;) ).

Now I want to burn this new file onto a DVD(DL) disc.

Will TVS do it's best compression to bring this video down to a DVD?

I want to be able to select each movie as it's own title. Do I need to split the file again? Can TVS do that? I noticed that TVS can do automatic chapter marks, so I should be good there.

So that's my question. What's next to do with this file to get it to a DVD(DL) disc?

Thanks for a wonderful product!

BTW: I think it would be great if Universal did this with the HiDef version (be it Blu-Ray or HDDVD), since they have the originals at their disposal and would be able to splice the movie together perfectly AND take out the credits during the movie itself, just create an extra long version of the credits at the end. :D
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If you want to select each movie as its own title then you should edit it as such and add to the DVD.

There is no need to save each as a separate movie.

Load the complete file and edit for Part one. Add the title to the DVD.

Reload the complete file and edit for part two. Add the title to the DVD.

Reload the complete file and edit for part three. Add the title to the DVD.


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In order to make a DVD with three titles, you will need to split the files into three separate videos. You can do this with TVSuite.

1. load the file int TVS. Put the start point at the beginning of movie 2 and cut. This will cut movies 2 and 3.

2. Either mark scenes or use timed chapter marks. Make sure this is set up in Tools...Options...Chapter Marks.

3. Click on "Add Title to DVD"

4. Now go back to the edit. Clear all cuts. Mark movies 1 and 3 for deletion.

5. Click on "Add Title to DVD"

6. Repeat the above to get movie 3 to the DVD.

7. On each of the DVD entries, edit the description to be the title you want for each movie.

8. Click on Create DVD. Set up the DVD menu as desired.

9. Select DL DVD. This will set the DVD bit rate to fit the content on the DVD. Mark sure the setting for the DVD are as you want and click OK to create the DVD.

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Thanks, wscannell. That's actually a process I used during the trial period to separate a manual recording I did. But that was back in Nov.

phd: I get the general idea of what you're saying -- do I make the edits as wscannell suggests, and add the title to the DVD? I thought the file had to be saved first otherwise, it will take the whole file, or am I missing how that works. Mind you, I've not used the DVD portion of the program yet.


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Both methods will accomplish the same task.

You can follow wscannell's procedure.

The separate files do not need to be saved first.
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