Re-sequencing a video via the Joiner ?


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I'd like to re-sequence my video.

I'm not sure how to do that, but what I'm trying to do is cut various parts of my original video out and put them at the beginning of the video. Following is a step by step of my intent:

1. Cut various portions of my video to the joiner.
2. Then save my main file with the cuts removed.
3. Then via the Joiner, place the various cuts in the proper sequence, and then create a video from the that joiner list.
4. So that now I'll have my original video without those cuts & another video of my joined cuts.
5. Then I'll add my original video and my cut/joined video to a new joiner list.
6. Then with my newly joined video first on the list, and my original video second, create a video.

Is this possible ? How can I do this ?



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What you are saying sounds very confusing.

The Joiner can output the segments in any order you desire. You can rearrange them and then save the Joiner list as 1 contiguous file.


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I was afraid that it would be confusing.
I realize what the joiner can do, and have used it many times to arrange segments and then save them as 1 file.
What I'm trying to do is cut out a segment of my original movie, let's say Seg. A., put seg. A in the joiner. Then cut out another segment, let's sat Seg. B, and put that in the joiner. Now I want to save My original video minus Seg A & Seg B, and put that video into the joiner. So now I'll have Seg A, Seg B, and my original modified video in the Joiner. Then re-arrange those videos such as Seg. B, Seg A, then the original modified video, so that my newly joined video will have those 2 cut segments at the beginning.
I hope that's a bit clearer.




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Should work exactly as you describe. Just make your cuts for segment A and add to joiner, clear cuts, make cuts for segment B and add to joiner, clear cuts, make cuts for rest of video and add to joiner. Once done you can launch the joiner and rearrange the segments in the joiner however you want.


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Thank you. I was having trouble grasping the 2 processes at the same time, but when you indicated 'clear cuts' it made sense to me. Not sure if this is exactly what your were talking about, but here's what I did which worked great, though it may have an extra step in there.
1. Selected the segment, then trim unselect, and added that to the joiner.
2. Undo to get back to the main video.
3. Then changed the action to cut the selection.
4. Repeated 1-3 for each for segment.
5. Saved the new cut video.
6. Added that new cut video to the joiner, sequenced as needed,and created video from the joiner list.

Like I said, it may have an extra step in there, but it does work.

Thanks again for the help.

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