quickstream fix question

I had an issue with a file from off a TV recording (cable went wonky during the recording)
I was able to bring it up using the quickstream fix feature.

In the past, the recordings were always MPEG 2 and quickstream seemed to do an intelligent recode and things moved very quickly (like 5 minutes).
Over the past year, comcast has switched over the vast majority of channels to H.264, so when I went to so a quickstream fix, it did a full RECODE and it took close to an hour.


if I know ahead of time that the file is H.264, can quickstream output be switched over to H.264 so it remains an intelligent recode?
If so, where do I make that switch?

Thanks in advance
Easy! Here is what works for me. Make a special profile like this:-

1. In Tools->EditOutputProfiles, select a generic profile such as "MPEG-2 Transport Stream".
2. Click "Copy and Edit" to bring up an editor for that profile, then make the following changes:-
3. Change "Encoding type" to be "Match Source".
4. Change the "Profile name" to something such as "Transport Stream Match Source".
5. Click OK to return to the list of profiles. Your new profile will be at the bottom of the list.
6. Move it to the top of the list, and tick it. Now it will be the default profile selected by QSF.


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No BluRay in v6 sorry. It's just not a highly requested feature and the expense/time required to add it just isn't something we think is worth it.

No official time frame. We're close to being done with all the big features we wanted to add, but there is likely still going to be a long alpha/beta cycle before it goes live. It's all been a lot more than we expected.