QuickStream Fix fails on .ts files reporting incorrect length


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I have a number of television recordings made with WinTV7 via an Hauppauge capture box that saves as .ts files. They're all 2-hour files and all just shy of 8Gb. Some of the files will still be shy of 8Gb, but will report an incorrect length. Might be 1:20:00 or it could report 20 hours. File is still 8Gb and IF VideoRedo will open it, the entire show appears to be there. Just can't edit it without getting an error that suggests using Quickstream Fix.. which ultimately fails. I also cannot save the opened file without getting an error. Files reporting the expected time length (1:59:00 ish) edit and save with no issues.

Suggestions welcome.

Name F:\Recorded TV\Videos\Karroll's Christmas_20131122_0200.ts
Size 7.823 GB
Duration 01:20:28.23
Mux type TS Stream
TS mux rate 9.544 Mbps

Encoding H.264 VideoStreamID x1011
Frame rate 29.97 fps Encoding size 1920 x 1080
Aspect ratio 16:9 Header bit rate 20.000 Mbps
VBV buffer 380 KBytes Profile High/4.0
Progressive Interlaced Chroma 4:2:0
Entropy mode CABAC Bit rate 12.076 Mbps
Captioning None found

Audio Stream: 1 (Primary)
Codec AC3 Format AC3 stream
Channels 5.1 PID x1100
PES Stream Id xBD Bit rate 384 Kbps
Sampling rate 48000 Sample size 16 bits


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What version are you running (Help>About)?

Try trimming off the first few hundred MB and/or the last few hundred MB using Tools>Trim. You might need to increase this up to a GB on either end.

Also, don't delete the original file, as I would be interested in seeing it, but by using Tools>Trim hopefully we can isolate the problem to the start or end.
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