Quick Stream Fix - Complains 'File Not a Recognized Video File'


I am evaluating VideoReDo-TVSuite4 and attempting to remove the commercials from a TV show recorded with Windows Media Player on Windows 7. The program told me to use the Quick Steam Fix on my *.wts files. When I run the Quick Stream Fix after I click the Start Quick Fix it displays a popup warning stating that it doesn't recognize the file as a video file. I tried several files and two versions of VRD. I currently have version dated Oct 29th AVP-on installed.

Thanks for your reply Pat.

Since you are a trial user, do you have a free trial key installed? Help>Request Trial Key
I did and it says it is registered for the next seven days on the start screen.

I assume you mean .WTV files?
Yes, these are .wtv files created by WMC on W7 SP1 Ultimate.

Is this occurring on only 1 file or all files?
Several that I tried.

What channel are you recording? Is it a premium channel or perhaps contains protected content?
Different channels, none of them should be premium, NBC, FOX, TruTV, etc. They are very likely to be copy protected. In fact, I think the only one that didn't fail is one that is not copy once.


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You say the program is telling you to QSF. Does it say something about protection packets being detected and to try QSF? If so that's the problem. Protection packets signify that the file is encrypted. QSF can automatically skip over the protected packets and output just the unprotected ones, but if your file does not contain any unprotected packets then it wont output anything.

One thing you can try is go to Tools->Options->Stream parameters and increase the value for "MBytes to read at file open". It could be that your file just has protected packets at the start and if we can skip past them it'll work just fine.