Quick moving frames


I had to use Quick Stream Fix on 5 vob files. VTS_01_1.mpg and VTS_01_4.mpg have no problems that I'm aware of. VTS_01_2.mpg, VTS_01_3.mpg and VTS_01_5.mpg have problems that are not in the original files. Within a second, a few frames move very quickly then the frame has a lot of pixelation.

This is happening with version and today I installed version The same thing is happening.


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If they are VOBs, have you tried using the combine feature?

Here is a guide to assist you:

Is this a commercial or home recorded DVD?

Did you rip only the main title?

Did you rip only a single angle?

If the files still have the original folder structure, Try using the Auto QuickStream Fix Option in the latest Beta:

Click on the menu: File>Open Title from a DVD and make sure "Auto QuickStream Fix" is checked in the DVD Title Selector window
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