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When you have finished editing and save an output file, once the file has been saved you are presented with the "Output Processing Complete" dialog box containg the statistics. This dialog box has an "Ok" button that returns you to the main VRD window. It would be very nice if this dialog box has two buttons "Return" to go back to the main VRD window and "Exit" to exit VRD completely.
I know it only saves one button press and about 6 inches of mouse pointer movement, but it would be very nice.


personal opinion:

I have nothing much against your suggestion.
However , after editing thousands of full-length video files, I've never been in a hurry to dismiss VRD.
I actually find it more comforting to return to the editor's main screen, then decide what to do next... and verify that I haven't forgotten something.
And that is based on using VRD for years, before they offered DVD-making.
I edited with VRD, and then immediately went to DVD Labs for the second inning. - :D

From a programs point of view, the developers may have cleanup procedures to run upon exit.
Having just one place to do anything (including exit) makes for a more tidy program, and one easier to rid of bugs.
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