Question on VAP batch processing?


I know how to batch process files in VRD but wonder if I can get it done faster with VAP? I have a lot of older
.wtv files that I am converting to H264.wtv. Is there a way to have VAP queue these up and process them in bulk?

Just to be sure - I am doing nothing else to these files -all the commercials are out already from years past.



In general the answer is yes, although I've never used VRD's batch feature so I have no idea about speed comparisons. I'm assuming you're recoding from inputs containing MPEG2. You would set up VAP's monitored folder on the same drive as the folder(s) containing your input files, then move batches of input files into the monitored folder. The reason I say on the same drive is that moves go almost instantaneously that way. Tell me what your folder configurations are -- where the inputs are -- where you want the processed outputs to go, and if any folders are on networked or USB drives, which can occasionally cause problems with VAP.

What are your metadata requirements? Do the input files contain metadata? If so, VAP will transfer that metadata to the output files and/or augment/provide metadata from other sources.

You want to configure VAP to do QSF and select the Output Profile you're using. In your case VAP will do a "smart" QSF, which means it will do two steps:
1. QSF to a temp intermediate file that still contains MPEG2. (A very fast operation because no recoding is involved)
2. Recode the temp file to the output file containing H.264 (and delete the temp file)

Please take a look at VAP-readme.pdf if you haven't already and search on terms you want more info on. Make test trials using just several files first to verify it's doing what you want. I will be glad to help you get this going but whatever you can learn on your own will help us both.



Your idea worked perfectly as did a suggestion by Dan203 to just drag the group of files into the batch processor directly. Once I did that - a new options box popped up and it was simple as pie. Either way works just fine.

For VAP my inputs are on an old SSD drive , the temp file is on a hard drive and the output folder is another ssd. The trick with VAP is to include the QSF otherwise it just copies the file as is.

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