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I am recoding all my video's to H264 to shrink file size and allow fast forward in windows media center playback thru my widescreen tv.s (16:9)..About 2/3 of what I record is HD.

My present profile is like this

H264/AVC, Intelligent recode, Max resolution 1920 x 1080, double pass encode, aspect ratio no change
Advanced options Quality factor - Mpeg2>H264 70%.

Aspect ratio has me a bit baffled, No change vs match resolution -my files are already QSF'd and the commercials removed so does match help?

Also would anyone like to advise me on a way to change the aspect ratio from 4:3 to 16:9 - my attempts so far have been miserable.

My pc is a P55- I7-875K - 32gb ram, SSD main drive with SATA drives for content. ATI 7850 video.
I also have a 4th gen z-87 based -I7-4770K (with 4600 Intel quicksync video) 16Gb - SSD, SATA, ATI video pc available to play with if that would be appreciably better.



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No change means no change. Whatever the source is the output will be. Match resolution is a smart option that will set the aspect to the value that is closest to the output resolution of the video.

As for changing the aspect... You can not change the aspect of H.264 except during a recode. With H.264 the aspect is stored in the NALs of the video and we do not currently have a way to change those one a video that has already been encoded.

If you're source files are 4:3 letterboxed and you want them cropped to 16:9 then I'd recommend setting your profile to 16:9 and then setting the aspect correction mode to Crop to fit. That will automatically crop all 4:3 files to 16:9 but leave files that are already 16:9 alone.
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