Question about the (new?) required online activation


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I'm not sure, but the online activation for v5 is new, isn't it?

So, my question is. Will it be possible to revoke such a activation to install it again on other hardware/machine id?
I'm asking, because I often change my hardware and i'm pretty sure, this will create in some cases an new machine-id which required a new activation.
And of course, I don't want that my potential new key will beblocked because of overactivation ;-)

Are some detailed information about the online activation available?


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Yes, it's new in V5.

Currently, revocation isn't necessary as long as you limit your installs to a reasonable number per day or week. Our professional products have used activation for years, using a different license manager, and we've found that activation / revocation can often cause more problems than it solves.


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Does this mean that if I have 4 PC's I can have it installed on all 4 but can only be actually running the program on 1 machine at a time?
Or do I need to buy a license for each machine since 2 or more PC's may be powered up at the same time.


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With the current licensing you'll be OK.
That's good to hear! I'm testing Windows 10 Tech Preview so I'll be dual booting Between Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 until 10 goes final. So far VideoRedo TVSuite V5 Beta is running OK doing simple cuts in Windows 10.


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Good to know. We heard from another user as well, via our help desk, that they've had success with VRD 5 and Windows 10.


As the topic has included Win 10, can I just ask if I have to load VRD 4 onto the new partition or can I just install VRD 5 and use the 4 s/n?
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