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QSF the bit rate?

I've got some videos that have a video bitrate of 9801 and audio bit rate of 448. Ulead's DVD Moviefactory v5 reports that combo as an error so I'm left to wonder if it's valid. If not is there a way to get QSF to correct it? or some other tool within VRD? I'm running b473.

I don't know Ulead, but i would try saving the video with vrd. Using the save options, save with 10Mbs bitrate. Then try ulead again, using your new vrd, saved video.
Help File:

This might clear things up.

VideoReDo Help File said:
Technical Note: If you specify a bit rate override of 10 Mbps, VideoReDo will assume that you want the MPEG headers to correspond to DVD specifications. The video bit rate will be set to 9.80 Mbps less the audio bit rate, and the overall program stream mux rate will be set to 10.08 Mbps.

And remember, that's just a change to the header. The video itself is not touched.

As for the audio, I didn't look to see if that rate is valid for AC3.
It did seem high, but at least you have one answer. ;)


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Thanks to all you guys for helping. I had not noticed the "options" button when I did the save. So many options .... so little time. :)

But it does make me think ... should VRD warn me that I'm about to save a file with a bad combo of video/audio bit rate? and give me an option to correct.

Thanks again,
It's only bad if you're going to author it to dvd. If you want to download the clip onto your iPod, or PDA, or mobile phone then a clip conforming to DVD standards is probably going to be 'bad'. If the video is only going to be played from your PC then pretty much any combination of settings is going to be 'good'! :)