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A kind person sent me a ReplayTV file over the Internet (RTV to RTV), which I downloaded to my hard drive. It was recorded at medium speed, which is the speed closest to the MPEG standard. When I run this file through QSF, errors are reported. Since I don't know much about MPEG standards, it is hard to know if the errors reported are serious. How do I interpret QSF results? What are bad errors, what are trivial errors?

Output Complete

Input Sequence Errors: 2
Video resync frames removed: 1
Audio resync frames removed: 13
Video output frames: 215693
Audio output frames: 299874
Processing time (secs): 252
Processed frames/sec: 853.38
Actual Video Bitrate: 3.54 Mbps


I don't know what the resolution and playing time (two hours?) were, but that sounds pretty trivial.
And if you're just going to watch it, don't bother.
If you are making a DVD (somehow), then the proof is in how it looks.
(I wouldn't be concerned)
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Whew! I got worried there for a second, but that 20/20 I sent you was in standard, not medium.

In any case, listen to the lizard, don't worry about it.


Well, mine is a seat-of-the-pants answer, based on lots of experience.
It would still be great to get some guidelines from Dan or Pat in this area.
There are some times I worry I've seen too many errors, and agonize over whether to make a DVD or get a new source (if one is even available).

Mostly, I've had to trudge ahead with whatever source I had, and put up with the results...
That's when you get a feel for how many and what kind of VRD-reported errors you can tolerate. ;)

Oh, and just what is medium or standard quality?
Load the source into VRD, press Ctrl-L, and post that info into the thread.
Not that it matters to this discussion, but I just like to know. :)
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ReplayTV is not an "unknown" source. I dare say that many users of VRD [myself included] have turned to VRD to edit and remove commercials from broadcast TV, cable and satellite, due to ReplayTV's ease of accessing the source recordings. ReplayTV, for those not in the loop, is the original DVR [it beat TiVO to the marketplace by a scant few weeks] and the last incarnation is a networked and Internet device that in conjunction with DVArchive, can offload its recordings to a PC as mpeg files.

Roughly speaking, Medium Quality resolution is 720x480, Standard quality is 360x480. These files are handled extremely well by VRD and VRD makes DVD production from ReplayTV recordings a breeze.


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By unknown I mean you are not in control of the recording. You don't necessarily know if there are a few consistent glitches in recordings, reception quality, etc.

ReplayTV is a well-established product.
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