Puzzling Tivo Roamio Issues


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Have been using Roamio for a month with Tivo desktop, transferring recordings to my pc using the Tivo desktop and editing them with VideoReDo. Working marvelously.

Suddenly, when I tried to open a transferred file from my Tivo Recordings directory on the PC, I get an "unable to open open file" advisory on VideoReDo, and when I try to shutdown VideoReDo by clicking the X, I get a VideoReDo not working properly message and advisory that windows is closing the program.

Really perplexing. I did upgrade to windows 8.1 but used VideoReDo without issue for days.

I have not changed or updated either VideoReDo or the Tivo desktop software. Did roll back a video driver to fix another problem.

Have other users experienced this? Anxious to diagnose and fix the problem.


Try a different Video Driver -- Tools ... Options ... Playback devices, upper right portion. Popular choices seem to be VMR9, VMR7 and EVR.

Suggested by your recent rollback of a video driver.

Also, has there been an update of the Roamio software recently?
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