Program closes after 10 sceonds in Joiner mode


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Trying to 'join' two small mp4 clips (137-138 MB each), TV Suite V4.21 closes (crashes?) after 10 seconds. No error message. When I restart it offers to recover the previous task.

Scrolling thru the overly long log file, all I see that may mean something is a early on message: "WTV file signature not found" and the very last line: "H264, QSF: Increasing audio buffer size from: 2048 to 4096"

Repeating the same process, the same thing with the same last line. The restored "tmp" file was the exact same size each time; 137,200 MB

Running Win7 sp1,
Gigabyte AMD based 970 chipset MB,
FX8350 processor
8GB memory
ATI R7 260 video card,
TV Suite v4.21,
MS's June 2010 DirectX runtime update



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You can "clear" the log file and then run your problem file
and have a lot less to look at.

You can set the diagnotics to "medium" to get more info.
(Medium is what is usually ask for by Devs)

"Advance" will overwhelm you with data.



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Sometimes there are differences like audio type/frequency etc that will stop
two files from joining and one will have to be processed to match up with the other.

Check the two file's specifications carefully to make sure they match
and are compatible with each other.

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