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Since VRDs Profiles don't have a "No Change" option for Resolution, I was wondering how hard would be for VAP to use a profile based on the source video's resolution gathered from MediaInfo?

But if there is a match string match, use that profile instead.

The source files are TiVo S2 .tivo files recorded at either 544x480 or 480x480 or 352x480. I save the .m4v files at 640x480 because I thought the higher resolution would look better.

I did a few simple tests this weekend and fell that having VRD create the extra pixels doesn't help the PQ.

I'm now considering saving the .m4v files at the same resolution of the source .tivo file.

While I auto-transfer a limited set of shows and could easily create a match string for each of them to use a specific profile, I record other shows and use different quality settings on the TiVo.

To process these "other" shows, I would have to stop processing in VAP, change the Output Profile using a profile that matches the resolution of file being processed then start processing again. Stop processing after that is finished, change the profile, then start again. And so on.

I have no problem doing that but thought I would put forward the request to see if was doable.

This could also be moot if I just ask the wife to record all TiVo shows at the Best setting (544x480).

Also, do you agree that what I'm considering, rendering the .m4v files at the same resolution as the source, is better than having VRD create the pixels to make the resolution 640x480? After all, it's just 4:3 SD video files we're talking about. We don't have a HD TV (yet) and watch the rendered files on a iPod or iPad or will transfer back to the TiVo via pyTivo to watch on a 4:3 tube TV.


OK, try subbing the .exe (not an installer) in the attached into a Ver. 1.10 VAP installation.

You must have "MediaInfo" selected at the bottom of the "Dimension Filters" tab of Advanced Configuration.

The syntax for entering a match string on the "Profile Match Strings" tab of Advanced Configuration is modified. You can optionally specify video width and/or height in square brackets at the beginning of the match string.
[height = 480, width = 644] office
[width = 480] big bang
white collar
[width = 1280]
The logic is "AND", i.e., all items present (width, height or match string) must be matched. The last example matches any file with a width = 1280.
Spaces do not matter anywhere except within the matching string, e.g. the space within "big bang" in the second example. The order of width and height does not matter.

The new logic will be applied when an input file is first detected in the monitor folder. If you want to test this new feature with a file already in the monitored folder, you must check "Regenerate file metadata on reset button click" on the "Other Tab" of Advanced Configuration, select the file to be tested in the "Monitored Files" list, and click the "Reset" button.

If MediaInfo fails to find a width or height value for a file, any match that specifies the missing value will fail. Matches are tried in the order listed in the Profile Match Strings tab. The first match found governs the result. Thus matches that are subsets of other matches should be placed lower in the list.


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Awesome!! It works as expected!

I threw some short test files at it with the dimensions the TiVo records at and the appropriate profile was used. I also threw a file with a dimension not in the match list and the default profile was used.

Thank you for this additional feature!!


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Well, while the test files worked, I'm getting ARBOs on the real files. All five shows I queued up last night stalled because of the ARBO. One with 544x480 the other 4 with 352x480. The ARBO happens towards the beginning of the second pass.

I successfully process a few files previously with VRD .650j/VAP 1.09 using the 640x480 profile so I'm not sure why it's failing now with VAP 1.11T rendering to the same resolution as the source file. But I do know this can't be a VAP issue.

I'll try to test tonight. The last time I tried updating VRD from .629 to .646, I got ARBOs and reverted back to .629. We'll see.


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Since VRDs Profiles don't have a "No Change" option for Resolution
Actually we do. Set both values to 0 and the source resolution will be used for the output. Actually they are independent so you could set one explicitly and the other to 0 and it pick up the one set to 0 from the source file.



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Thanks for letting me know, Dan. After entering 0, the field changes to SAS, nice.

However, I'm dead in the water as I keep getting ARBOs. Been testing outside of VAP and getting ARBOs. I sent an email to support so we'll see what that turns up. Ticket id: IAD-51939-359
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