Problems with VOB file created with VRDP build 375


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After I record a digital TV program (SDTV) and edit the commercials with VideoReDo Plus build 375 I save it in .VOB format. Doesn't matter what I try, the resulting VOB file will not work with DVDAuthor.

I use the command dvdauthore -o "F:\dvd" -x "f:\temp\BN.txt"

BN.txt is the chapter file created by VRDP in dvdauthor format.

When I run dvdauthor I get the following error over and over

"WARN: Skipping Sector, waiting for first VOBU..."

I end up with a zero byte file in the VIDEO_TS folder

This used to all work fine with the 374 build.

Any suggestions please as to how i can get dvdauthor to work again


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There was a change to the output stream in 375. We will check out exactly what changes were made and also see how it affects DVDAuthor.

Which version of DVDAuthor are you using.


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Forgot to mention that if i select "elementary streams" instead of VOB for output with VRDP, it works fine with ifoedit.

Just the VOB with dvdauhor that I have issues with

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