Problems converting DVDR-MS to MPEG-2


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Okay, here goes. Slightly long story:

My HDHomeRun Dual captures OTA from my antenna and sends TV footage as MPEG-2 over ethernet. Windows Media Center 7 records this as *.wtv (one recent program was 36 min. 14 seconds). I used Win 7 (64-bit) to convert it to DVR-MS (35 min. 58 seconds). VideoReDo converted this to an MPEG-2 (no cuts, just re-muxing), and this version was only 22 minutes and 52 seconds long. The first commercial break went from 10:57 into the program to 5:43 into the program. The second commercial break went from 21:02 to 12:05. Obviously something (many somethings) was tossed out.

Upgrading from VideoReDo (I think that is what I had) to version did not help much (a few seconds more footage were obtained from the conversion).

Is this shorter time because the signal was not so good from the antenna to the HomeRun device? Is there a better way to do this conversion? Before I tried VideoReDo, I used some free conversion software that contained the "conduit" spyware (BHO/home page hijacker); I am still recovering from that. I thought software could just fetch the MPEG-2 out of the .wtv "container" without redoing anything.

Is there a better way to do this conversion? Any help is appreciated.

(Mythbuntu Linux can record directly as MPEG-2 and save much, much grief, but getting Linux to work is, well, "sometimes" difficult. And I've got 15 years of Linux experience to back it up!)


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Are you playing the converted file in VideoReDo or another application?

If you load the source file into VideoReDo does it display the correct length?

Preview the source video in VideoReDo and skip around to preview various sections. Does the video play OK?


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Okay, where to begin?

First, when I load the DRV-MS file in VideoReDo, the correct (and full - 35:58) length is known at the outset. I don't think WMP knows the length unless you FF to near the end (whether WMP is playing WTV, DVR-MS, or MPEG-2).

When I play the DVR-MS file with VideoReDo, the video plays, but there are dropouts in the usual, known places (it must have been a cloudy evening).

Second, this forum post suggests that MPEG-2 is a complex thing.

Third, this thread suggests bad reception may cause errors in the original WTV file.

I thought it would be easy to produce MPEG-2 files to produce DVDs (one copy, like a book, for backup or archival purposes). Maybe TV reception is critical for this to happen.

(Interesting, another free demo I tried rendered the same 35:58 MPEG-2 file [from DVR-MS], but there were terrible audio sync issues, and the file size was very large -- the DVR-MS file is 2,101,617,582 bytes. This program's MPEG-2 file size was 5,515,051,008!)

(EDIT: Another free program rendered the MPEG-2 file as 129,375 separate files, varying between 30K and 200K in size, consuming 8,748,892,401 bytes total. I don't think they will play. I haven't seen an error this bad since the Windows 3.1 "deadbeef" error!)

Maybe the bad reception causes problems in the original source that can't be overcome. I used VideoReDo to convert another episode of my favorite show, one with better reception, and the MPEG-2 length was within 6 seconds of the DVR-MS file. No audio sync issues either.
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