Problem with Queen Live Montreal DTS and PAL


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I make Music DVD Compilations using VideoReDo, and I am having problems to Convert the Queen Monteal DVD from PAL to NTSC (by the way the Queen DVD is one of the best releases of the Year, with great Picture and audio. It is a 1981 footage, but, much better than many new recordings).

I need to convert to NTSC because all my other Clips are in NTSC format, and VideoReDo only works with same kind of Videos.

I did the following steps:
1) Demux with rejig
2) Convert DTS to AC3 using DaudioK (Queen DVD's are DTS only)
3) DGpulldown to convert 25>29,97
4) ImagoMpeg to mux to mpeg

And I stil have to use DVDPatcher to re-size to 720x480 (Which DGPulldown does not).
And at this point I go problems , digital artifacts at the botton of the screen.

Are there any program that I can use to solve this problem.

Let me know

Antonio Souza


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I don't think it good idea convert PAL to NTSC or vice versa. Video framerate will screw up ie' jumpy or stutter. I have experinced many times before.

Best way to leave as PAL or NTSC alone. That my imo anyway :)

You better buy DVD player can playback both NTSC and PAL


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Hi Redboy,

Thanks for your reply.

My DVD player is PAL/NTSC compatible, but to Make Music DVD Compilations , all Videos must be in the same Format. VRD does not join/Author Pal and Ntsc clips together.



I have used the "multiple VTS" feature of DVD Labs Pro to make DVDs with various sound or video formats.

Not sure you can mix PAL with NTSC, though.
And if you can, then only specialized DVD players would likely play it.
However, it's worth taking a look.
If it will, it's not a cheap solution.

I use DVDStyler (free front end for DVDAuthor) to make multiple audio track DVDs and it's "multiple titleset" feature (probably the same as DVD Labs multiple VTS) to mix resolutions and aspect ratios. I don't know if it can mix PAL and NTSC however. It might but the menu will be in one or the other and your DVD player might key on the menu and assume that all titles are in the menu's format.

I generally use gui4ffmpeg if I want to change the format of an mpeg file before authoring.


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Thank you Anole and Zaphod,

DVD Shrink also re-author with Mutiple Titles. I did it many times.
But I want to avoid it, because, in some DVD Players, Multi Titles DVD is confusing to Play. Sometimes they don't skip, sometimes they don't play continuesly etc...

I would prefer to make a unique Title DVD, with many chapters.

I will try gui4ffmpeg to convert PAL to NTSC.


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