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Something is escaping me in attempting to convert from VHS to DVD. My setup is a VHS deck connected through a Canopus ADVC300 by firewire. The content is captured as an uncompressed AVI file using Windows Movie Maker. If I convert the AVI file to an MPEG-2 file using WinAVI in any resolution, I can open and edit the resulting file in VRD. However, when I save the file as an elementary stream, I cannot open the file in MuxMan, which spits out a very non-helpful error message. VRD reports the stream as 3.1MB, so the file is not out of range.

The problem is not related to the audio track because MuxMan never gives me the chance to input the audio file. (I use MuxMan frequently, so I am somewhat familiar with it.)

What I need to be able to do is process the sound track independently of the video, which is easy to do if a file is saved as an elementary stream with an LPCM/wave file for audio. It is easy to open and process the file in Adobe Audition.

My bigger concern is that I have a lot of VHS tapes to convert to DVD, and I don't know what is going wrong here. Help!

Edit: New info -- a conversion with AVS Video Converter works fine. Something is not right with WinAVI, it appears.
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Lots of tools; lots of solutions.

I usually have WinAVI put out AC3 audio, if that will be in keeping with any other audio on the target DVD.
Be sure you use the latest version; I think they updated recently to ver 7.6

I used to have VideoReDo split the audio and video into two streams, but lately I've had better success feeding DVD Labs with the mux'd MPG and let it split out the parts.
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The problem I'm having is video, not audio. Everything audio is just fine. MuxMan does not allow me to load the video file.
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