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Not sure when it started exactly, somewhere in the 55x betas (currently running .557), but when I open a file that has been QSF'd (via TVAP) the preview window is green as are the first 15 thumbnails. If I scroll past them and come back to the beginning, preview and thumbs display properly.

Example attached.



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Did you send an email to support?

Since it is a Tivo file, did you also send your Media Acess Key?


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Yes. [Support #MRY-65867-816]

No. I should clarify... while they originated from TiVo, I open a .vprj project file which points to a QSF'ed mpeg file that has been scanned by Ad-Detective (using TVAP).

1) Tivo file is downloaded to PC (via TiVo Desktop)
2) TVAP QSFs the .tivo file creating a *_QSF.mpg mpeg file
3) Original .tivo file is deleted
4) TVAP runs Ad-Detective creating .vprj project file

5) I open project to review cuts, this is when I see the green preview and thumbs.

The sample file I uploaded is the first part of the *_QSF.mpg file.


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Using a file that wasn't processed via TVAP, I found that...

1) The original .tivo file doesn't exhibit the green preview or thumbs
2) Ran QSF via GUI
3) Resultant .mpg file DOES exhibit the green preview (first several frames) and thumbs.

Uploaded files to folder "msmart t6593" and email sent to support.

All my downloaded TiVo files are like this.
That have been run through QSF, that is.
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From the Beta .560 release notes:
[Fix] Tivo: Running QSF on a Tivo file might result in some bad frames at the beginning of the file. Problem began in 552 or 553.
Downloaded one show so far, NO GREEN THUMBS!!

Beta .560 fixed it!! Thank you.
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