Premiere CS4 A/V sync problem


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I am writing this assuming that the support team from VRD will reply; my slight annoyance obviously doesn't extend to the rest of the user population and if anyone has a fix or explanation for it I would be extremely grateful.

CS4 brings in VRD MPG files but they're diseased. The video looks good but it observes the following behavior:

1) With the release version of VRD, it opens the video and shows the wrong playing time. The sound and video quickly fall out of sync with the video ending much faster than the soundtrack. Example: A movie that ran 1:52 will show as 1:38.

2) With the beta version the MPG file shows the full length (1:52 in above version) but everything after 1:38 is blank and the sound does the same as 1 above.

Movies PLAY properly in WMP or VLC.

I want to bring them into Premiere because VRD WON'T CROP THAT LOUSY TOP LINE THAT'S SO DISTRACTING in non-HD MPGs and that looks like the old OPTICAL SOUND TRACK from a 16mm film. I can easily fix this with Premiere (and that I asked about allowing cropping in January and you said "be patient"). Of course I don't understand why it's so easy for you to fix this in DVD output but not in MPG, but at least don't make it impossible to edit the MPGs in another software!!!!! If it weren't for that top line these vids would never see Premiere...


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STILL no good...

That did NOTHING to help.

WHAT'S WRONG WITH THESE MPGS? EVERY MPG I have that WASN'T created wtih VRD does FINE in PP-CS4. WHY are these a problem?

I don't care which problem gets solved - the stupid line at the top of the frame in non-HD MPGs or the ability to edit without the sound going stupid but SOMETHING should be fixed here so I can run these properly. I'd frankly rather the line be able to be cropped out in VRD, that way I have a shorter workflow but the powers that be, in January, said "be patient" but also didn't promise that feature would ever be done.

Don't get me wrong...I appreciate your effort to help.

I also want to make clear that I saved the file with a completely different name and made the change suggested and used (and got a trial key for - my registration for the old one is apparently no good) the new software and then created a new Premiere project. This is very time consuming AND disconcerting. Why can't this software just make properly conforming MPGs instead of something that's cobbled together and kind of-sort of runs in Windows Media Player but can't survive the true editing test?

Thanks for any future suggestions...



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If you were using Plus before and you are a registered user you should not need to insert a trial key into the Beta.

Are you a registered Plus user?


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OH!!!!! I am a registered user but of TVSuite not Plus.

I'll deep-six that version since I think TV Suite is more capable anyway...but I REALLY wish there was a decent solution to my problem. In searching the forums I must have accidentally posted in the wrong one. Sorry...


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Does the video actually cut off at 1:38 or does it simply run faster then normal so that 1:52 of video plays in just 1:38?

One thing you may try is messing with the stream parameters in Tools->Options->Stream Parameters. Checking "Start video frame in new packet" or "Align packet data to word boundary" might help this issue.

Or you can just use the DVD trick Pat talked about. Just output your video to a DVD folder using the cropping it provides, then go back into VideoReDo, click File->Open Title From DVD, and select the folder you just authored. The save that as an MPG. It's a little extra work, but no more then you're doing now.


P.S. The next version of VRD will allow cropping directly without the need for the DVD trick, so once that's released this should be a simple 1 step process for you.
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