Please state the problem


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I loaded the program and was working well and suddenly became the only cut 59 seconds of the movie For example 5 minutes cut from the film was 59 seconds Iktali Avatar of 5 minutes Please state the problem


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I've downloaded the program
When do I cut a video clip. The program is to cut off 59 seconds of the video clip
If this was a disk rip, have you tried running QSF (quick stream fix) on the file before trying to edit the file? Also what type of file is it - mpg, avi, mkv, tp, ts, vob, etc?


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If I understand correctly, only about 1 minute was output.

If you are a trial user, do you have a free trial key installed? Help>Request Trial Key

Output is limited to 15 minutes or less without a free trial key installed.

If you install a free trial key you can have full functionality (including the 15 minute output restriction removed) for the 15 day trial period.
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