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What sat capture device do you use?
Devices, as in three, all C/Ku band. One PCI, one USB and one hardware to ASI card. Oh, and the OTA is PCI.

One way to test Win7 wihtout blowing up XP is to either buy a second drive, or partition your current one, then install Win7 as dual boot. If you hate Win7 or can't get it to work you can just boot back to XP and be up in running in a few seconds.
Nice idea, but not possible in this box. All SATA ports (no IDE) have drives. It is a full box. I have lots of external SATA drives that I connect via USB that are loaded with files as well.
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Put in a bigger drive in place of the current OS drive and then partition it in half.

If the vendor of your cards offer Vista drivers those will work in Win7. The driver arcitecture in Vista, Win7 and Win8 are the same. Just make sure you use the 32bit version if there are not any 64bit Vista drivers available. Ran into that with a video card on an old laptop, Vista drivers were available but only 32bit and I installed x64. Had to start all over. :( luckily I have access to every OS ever made via my MSDN account. :)


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While I could do that, I'm going to leave the XP system alone.

As I mentioned previously, I have a new box that I've not done anything with. It is meant for putting a 64bit system on, as I have more memory in it.

I can try W7 on it, on which I can put VRD. The sat box will stay the sat box. Files captured on the XP box can easily be xferred to the new box and edited. If things do not work out with the new box, no harm done, I just start over.


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TeVii came out with a new model, 662. I have the 660. No idea what the difference is except that maybe the 662 is USB3.0 while the 660 is USB2.0.

They claim XP -> W8, 32 and 64 bit.

The latest driver was released 14 days ago.


Yeah a VM is no good if you want to test drivers, attaching a spare physical drive is an option though as Dan says. If you have no spare ports just disconnect an existing drive while you test and swap it back again when done.

Never used cool edit but audacity has never let me down. Sounds like you have plenty of room for consolidation, but your obviously happy with your setup and it is a PITA to move with the times sometimes, especially when you have a complex setup and can't have it offline during the transition.


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Ya, it is working for me, so I do not want to rock the boat. Now that the new season has started, it is busy.
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