Pixelation in place of cut VRDv6 beta


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I would like to continue with solving my issue from this thread: https://videoredo.net/msgBoard/index.php?threads/pixelation-in-place-of-cut-i-frame.36720/

I have tried all mentioned problematic samples in new VRD v6 beta and one of them still produce pixelation in place of cut:

> Sample1 - OK in v6 beta
> Sample2 - OK in v6 beta
> Sample3 - OK in v6 beta
> Sample4 - OK in v6 beta
> Sample5 - still produce pixelation in v6 beta

If you need send this sample again, please let me know.




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Sample5 still wrong in beta 792.

I have uploaded new Sample6 from other TV channel which makes also pixelation. Cutting engine need to be fixed. Just for your interest, friend of mine with SmartCutter cutted all these samples (sample1-sample6) without any pixelation...but I dont like SmartCutter :)



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We are still working on trying to find out why this is happening. The reason and solution are not at all obvious yet.
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