Panasonic SD camcorder users


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I would like to ask a favor from the Panasonic SD camcorder users out there.

Possibly the SDR-S100 and/or SV-av100 is the proper one. I am not sure.

Could you record 2 MPEG2 clips of approximately 10 seconds each on an SD card and upload the contents of the SD card to the FTP? Please include all of files and the empty folders on the SD card as well so I know the complete directory structure and file names on the card.

Create a folder with a unique name and place the files in it.

Let me know when they are uploaded.

Thanks, I appreciate it.
I read your first request for info, but neither the store I usually shop at nor two friends with a Panasonic camcorders, had that model.
I remembered that they did take SD cards, so I was eager to follow up.
In the end, I assumed the model was important, and kept quiet.


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I don't think the model is important as long as it records in MPEG2 format to SD cards.

The reason I am curious is the new Panasonic Diga recorders can handle import of SD cards with video in MPEG2 format to the hard drive. This would be a very convenient method of transfer from the computer to the STB without authoring a DVD.

Since video xfer is only one-way from the SD card to the HDD, I have no idea of the format and file structure on the SD cards. I am assuming the files have a .MOD extension but I do not know. The folder names and locations are probably important for transfer. The support files may not be. With a sample and a little playing around, I could find out.
struck out

One guy with a Panasonic was supposed to give me a CD or thumbdrive full of data from his SD card last Saturday.
He failed to do so.
Something about not being able to record video onto SD, only stills?
And/or he couldn't figure out how to do it and couldn't find his manual.
Now, this is a very technical guy, so I'm guessing it just can't be done.

My other guy with some Panasonic camcorders at his Radio Shack store, was out last week and this week to help his wife with their new-born daughter.

I appologize for striking out, but I do have a suggestion:
Take your SD card to any retail store selling these recorders, and shoot some video.
Just don't forget to pull the SD and take it with you! ;)

I'm thinking: Circuit City, Fry's, Best Buy, Sears, other regional electronics stores.

did you ever get a solution to this?

i have a panasonic dvd recorder (DMR-XW50) which also has an SD-Card slot and would love to be able to use it.

I read on a camcorder forum that a typical file/folder structure used by Panasonic sd camcorders is :


Apparently .mod files are just mpeg2 files with a different extension.

So i tried this, but it still didnt work.

Maybe there are some extra files/folders needed, or maybe it needs a particular kind of mpeg2?

Ive spent hours on this aready, so any help would be greatly appreciated!


thanks PHD.

If anyone out there with a Pansonic SD camcorder would be kind enough to upload a short clip from their camera along with all the other files and folders (system & hidden) that normally exist on the card it would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks.

ps. to see all system & hidden files and folders on the SD card, please go to Windows Explorer/Tools/FolderOptions/View, then check `Show hidden files and folders` and make sure `Hide protected operating system files` is unchecked. Thanks again.

Ive found the file/folder structure required.

Its on page 76 of the manual for the DMR-EH55.

I have the DMR-XW50, which is a Japan only model, but the manual gives exactly the same file/folder setup. So it will probably be the same for most panasonic dvd recorders.

Only problem is, one of the required folders is a MGR_INFO folder. So when i set up my SD card using the right structure, it still wouldnt work because I dont know what files to put in this MGR_INFO folder.

Is there any way you could look into this and post up your results on this thread? Its getting a bit above my head now!




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It would help to have a sample of a video and the files on an SD card to know how the names correlate and if it needs any of the info from the support files or you could just substitute a file with the same name.
It would help to have a sample of a video and the files on an SD card to know how the names correlate and if it needs any of the info from the support files or you could just substitute a file with the same name.
Ok, I went to a shop here in Japan with my own SD Card. Formatted it in the Panasonic Sd Video Camera and took two short video clips. I have uploaded the files to the link you gave in a folder called `SD Video Orig`. These files obviously worked perfectly from the SD Card on my Diga (DMR-XW50).

After looking at the file structure, I tried converting some mp4 video files (taken with a mobile phone, digital camera etc) to MPEG2, renaming the extension to *.MOD and putting them on an SD card in place of the original .MOD video files. When I put the sd card in the Diga, it recognised that the card contained video files (the dialog box came up on the screen showing `MPEG`) however it wouldnt transfer to the hard disk, because it was still showing the details of the orginal videos i took at the store. I guess this means that the associated *.MOI files also need to be replaced so that the DVD recorder has the right information.

Conclusion: I think we need a program that converts 1 video file (eg mp4, asf) to two files such as MPEG2 and a *.MOI support file. A program called `3GP Converter` does this for mobile devices. Instead of MPEG2 files it outputs (for example) an MP4 file + an *.MOI file. So I think it can be done, we just need to find the right software.

Look forward to hearing your results.



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Thanks for the UL.

Other forums mentioned that an error would be detected and the user would be asked if they would like it automatically corrected.
Thanks for the UL.

Other forums mentioned that an error would be detected and the user would be asked if they would like it automatically corrected.
Sorry PHD, ive got no idea what you mean. An error detected when? By what? The Diga? With what files? Do you have any links to those forums you mentioned?

In response to your original request on this thread Ive gone to a fair bit of trouble to search through manuals on the web, going to stores to take video etc all of which could have just as easily been done there in the states.


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Here's one of the links:

So what you do is you .
1. clean the SD - Format the SD
2. set to MPEG2 and record a small piece of footage. this gives you a .MOD file and .PGI file and a PRL file.
3. Goto your previously shot footage on the MAC/PC and copy/overwrite the .MOD files in the folder on the SD card.Once copied onto SD, move the old .PGI file onto the SD and say YES to overwrite.

4. Disconnect camera and turn on - it will boot with an ERROR saying it needs to repair the data - this it does and bang you have the .MOD files indexed onto the SD card ready for playback or move to DMR.
Hello PHD
I have the same problem ie the .mod files are not recognized by the SD card reader of the DIGA recorder. I suppose I have to join a .moi and a .pgi file on the SD card, but I don't know how to create these 2 files (I don't have a camrecorder...).
Maybe you could help me ? could you send me a . moi and a .pgi file, so I would be able to adapt these 2 files for my usage.
Thank you for your answer.