Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software? (MultiThreaded)


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Was discussing "caption=text" and "Subtitle=image" here
and I realized that images are the bulk of what I run into.

So hope to find OCR software that is Multi-threaded.
Does anyone know of any programs out there that do this?

Everything that I've tried is only single threaded.

They are only processing unconnected images of text so I see
no reason they can not be multi-threaded.
(unconnected as compared to H264 type video)

Accurate OCR is something I'll pay for. (fast would be nice also)
I find I spend the vast bulk of my time in this doing "spell check/corrections"

Heh, I find myself stopping a OCRed show I'm watching in order to correct a miss spelling
in the .srt file that pops up on screen. (really wish I could just let that go!)

Thoughts Welcome,
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