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When a transmission is elderly, black bars appear at the left and right edges because it wasn't shot in widescreen. Whilst for a live TV broadcast I can use the TV Aspect control to fill the screen, anything I create from Video Redo (and for that matter TMPGenc) and write to DVD using MovieFactory3, has black side bars I can't get rid of.

I tried the various output formats from VideoReDo and found one of them creates a widescreen version which plays in Windows Media Player, but not when written to DVD.

Any ideas of how to solve this problem would be most welcome.


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Pillarbox effect

Dan - Thanks v much for the suggestions re DVD Lab but I haven't got this software so I'll just play around looking for something like Pan & Scan in what I do have and see if I can get anywhere with that.

However, I've read various posts on this forum and found one from David to Adam dated 2 July. He recorded the same film as I did (The Hole) with the same Nebula DigiTV card, and he got black bars but I didn't - so there must be some way of getting rid of them.

I'm new to these groups/message/bulletin boards - this is the second time I've used one (first yesterday!) - so I'm not sure how to, or if I can, e-mail him to tell him what I did, which was as follows:-

1. Record the DigiTV programme as normal - I don't think there are record settings, only play, so it doesn't matter what boxes are ticked when you're recording
2. Use PVAStrumento (freeware) available from http://www.offeryn.de/dv.htm
to create a PS with a packet size of 2048 – just load the file into the pink box and click Make PS.
3. The new file goes wherever you asked PVAStrumento to put it and the whole process only takes a few minutes, and the PS file it creates, when used in DVD Movie Factory 3, got me a black-bar-free film on a DVD.


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Did Movie Factory 3 recode the video? If it took more than 20 mins or so to author your DVD then MF3 might have recoded the video from 16:9 to 4:3. Or perhaps it detected the black bars and turned on the Pan & Scan bits on the DVD.
Just to come in here. The film which I recorded called 'The Hole' was okay as it was transmitted in 14 x 9 widescreen. The problem I was having was with a film call Assylum on BBC 1, which was as you say an old Hammer film from 1972 and BBC transmitted it in 4 x 3 on 16 x 9 background. I have still not managed to get it working apart from re-transcoding which causes the verticals to vibrate making it impossible to view.

I also have another oldish film called Doomwatch, again from 1970s which is exactly the same. There's a free program called FitCD on Doom9 which looks promising but I've never got round to trying it out.

I hope this helps

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