# of errors in Mpeg flux estimation


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Hi all,

I am doing a lot of DVB-T recordings that I process afterwards with Videoredo Plus. Reception can be poor, and in that case, there are many mpeg errors in the received flux. VideoRedo can correct most of them, but the corrected file exhibits the well know random blocks/squares where the errors occured.

With long contents, it can be vey hard to pinpoint them if the mpeg is damaged at many places. Doing a quick browsing with VRD is not enough, sometimes only actual viewing in real time can tell if it's acceptable or not. Especially before burning the content onto a DVD.

Can it be considered to have some kind of automatics error number estimation, or something close to ad detection, that would mark the suspected faulty area (after quickfixing!) so one could review them and decide to keep or not the content ?

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